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From time to time we publish writings by participants in courses on veterinary medicine and literature.

One Down -- Three to Go

Jananne Mathison - North Carolina State University - Class of 2007

A reflection after the first year of vet school

Until their accumulated wisdom sinks into my head
I have put it on my back and in my arms
And inked it on my skin.

I have walked into the brick wall of knowledge, and found
It cannot be climbed – it must be dismantled
Piece by piece
And even the brick-crumbs are important.

I have passed the black-and-white haunches with
A thermometer in one hand
And my insecurities in the other.

I have heard the pig-squeal awaken my guilt
I have felt day-old whiskers affirm my purpose

I have felt doubt weigh heavy in
My white coat pockets
I have fumbled the gloves with all my thumbs

When I looked for my skill,
I found my clumsiness –
When I looked for my despair,
I found my perseverance.

First published in Intervet (the SAVMA
online journal). Accessible to members of AVMA at http://www.avma.org/noah/members/savma/intervet/vol40is1/nextissue.asp


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